Awakening the conscious side of your organization

Inspiration, services and trans-formation for sustainable organizations, aligned with a common purpose.

Bridging the gap between consciousness and the corporate world

We know that conscious people are happier, make better decisions and are more connected to life and collective wealth. A world of conscious people, teams and organizations is a more Humanizy world.

We offer online and face-to-face training, provide inspirational content about conscious people and organizations and create safe spaces to support awareness.

Services to organizations

We believe in the power of organizations to change the world. We help your organization and your team to be more aligned with ESG criteria: Environmental, Social, Governance.

Towards conscious organization

Inspiration in Humanizy

We give voice to people who inspire us and who are on the path to create Conscious Organizations.

Humanizy. Conscious organisations
Conscious leadership
Conscious creator


We offer courses created by experts providing more awareness to organizations.

Courses from the hand of Humanity's Team.

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